NOTE: None of this software comes with any guarantee or warranty whatsoever neither stated nor implied nor anything. It may or may not fulfill it's purpose, and I'm not responsible for any harm that may come from it's use. It is provided as is.

FURTHER NOTE: don't run these scripts are root, unless they require it. Said script will complain if you are not root. If it don't complain, then you don't need to be root.

Also, I'm not a professional bash scripter, but if you are, please forgive my insolence in releasing such nonsense and calling it script. I'm not too good, but these scripts do come in handy. Feel free to e-mail me if you have an improvement or see a bug.

Universal Slack Updater (usu)

The universal slack updater is back! It's a script that can be used to update (theoretically) any slackware-based system. It has been completely revised, but is still experimental, please report bugs. Thanks goes to Lufbery at the LQ forums for coming up with the idea for this script, and the original script. Here it is:

Click here to download usu.tgz ( md5sum usu.tgz 75b8a17dbc8b0a11890aa1cc9bf33668 usu.tgz as of Sat Dec 24 15:31:01 CET 2011)

Possibly Useful Scripts

A mixed bag of possibly useful scripts, possibly dangerous, possibly useless, but I wrote them and here they are:

Click here to download some possibly useful scripts (md5sum possibly-useful-scripts.tgz 4a9d17d6e8c56b4d5f2dfa1b4e3379d2 possibly-useful-scripts.tgz as of Sat Nov 5 16:55:00 EET 2011)


A set of defragmentation scripts that uses filefrag and cp, mv to reduce file fragmentation on any filesystem supported by filefrag:

WARNING: Do NOT include the /boot directory in the search if you use lilo. If the kernel is moved, lilo will no longer find it on boot, unless you run lilo after moving it. This is now the default behavior for the script, it will not move anything it /boot.

Click here to download defrag (md5sum defrag.tgz 3e04b9a2ed7491a8ac8254b9aabcbd59 defrag.tgz as of Tue Feb 28 16:31:47 EET 2012)


A set of thumbnail scripts for ROX-Filer. These include scripts that support pdf, djvu, image (including ones not supported by ROX-Filer's default image thumbnailer), and video (using mplayer). All of these require ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick plus the respective decoding tools (pdftoppm, ddjvu, imagemagick, mplayer).

Click here to download thumbrox (md5sum thumbrox.tgz 750a0722a80c373dad646326732449b7 thumbrox.tgz as of Mon Nov 28 20:42:54 EET 2011)

archive Xdialog 7zip extraction/compression wrapper(ax7)

Script wrappers that compress and extract archives using 7z (p7zip) and Xdialog. They are mostly meant to replace the Archive program that is part of ROX.

Click here to download ax7 (md5sum ax7.tgz 438191ad03a283ce331cccfb25fcb373 ax7.tgz as of Tue Feb 28 16:31:47 EET 2012)


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